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Rots was founded in 2004 by Petra van Leeuwen with the aim of stimulating healthy relationships between employees and employers. Petra has always been convinced that a healthy relationship simply yields more. With her many years of experience in HR and as an entrepreneur, Petra has the role of ★Inspirational Rock Star★ within Rots. In this role she inspires other entrepreneurs and HR professionals with her personal blog; she likes to coach during a walk on the beach, and she is a networker through and through.

After years of building up a good customer base, Claire Hebels came to strengthen the team in 2020 not only to take responsibility for HR assignments but also to lead the operation of the company. As ★Organization Rock Star★ Claire finds it important that, as HR professionals, we work like Rock Stars for our customers. When you hire Rots for your HR, you can rest assured that the job will be done. So, of course, it’s important that things are also ship-shape within our own organization – and Claire takes care of that.

Yvette White joined in 2022, and so the Rots management team is now complete. In addition to her value in HR assignments, Yvette also has a second focus within Rots, as ★Commercial Rock Star★. Yvette takes care of all sales and marketing activities within Rots. With her practical and realistic approach, she enjoys helping customers find the best way forward for them. A true believer in translating HR hassles into a practical solution!

The team behind ROTS

★ Inspirational Rock Star ★

How do we move forward together? The answer usually has its origin in your own personal history.

It all began with my father: he started up his own company. I didn't like that at all. Why? All that uncertainty! But then, I saw the joy he had in doing business. I saw the company grow. People from his social network were called in to help. There was such energy! And so my entrepreneurial blood started flowing. My talent is that I can be happy for everyone, and I always see the glass half full. An almost empty glass is the beginning of a full glass for me - so, abundance thinking. But, that’s not something that comes automatically. The fact that I work in HR stems from my need to make the world a better place. There's my big WHY. Inspired by others, I try to learn every day and not to judge (not always easy). How do we move forward together? The answer usually has its origin in your own history. It has nothing to do with others and everything to do with you. How nice would it be if more and more people recognized that in themselves? Then you’d have a lot less 'hassle', right? So, I’m lucky enough to be able to combine my talent with what makes me happy. That's 1+1=3!

★ Organization Rock Star ★

Not having fun? Then, do something about it! Personal responsibility - that’s what I believe in.

I am an HR generalist and business builder. That is why I like to help organizations that are on the move, on their way to growth and professionalization. I do that as an HR professional. By asking the right questions, to understand why things go the way they do and why people do things the way they do, we get to the heart of the matter - with the aim of ensuring that everyone can do the work in a bright, efficient and happy environment.

I believe in personal responsibility - from both the employer and the employee. Not having fun? Do something about it. Have a conversation. Because I have a positive attitude, I always know how to spot the good stuff. I think it’s essential to find the right balance. The positive and tough yet soft nature of Rots appeals to me enormously. Ensuring safety by making the unmentionable negotiable.

★ Commercial Rock Star ★

An employee whistling through the corridors, that's where I get my satisfaction!

People thrive when they are in the right place. This applies not only to a relationship, a friendship or at home but also to a job. In close collaboration with the organization I use strategic workforce management and employee branding to answer the key questions: Are the right people in the right place? And if not, do we know what talents we need and where we are going to find them? And for those who are in the right place, how are we going to keep them? This is often a confronting job for an organization, but at the same time so incredibly valuable when you see a new or reassigned employee whistling through the hallway. That’s where I get my satisfaction.

★ Dynamic Rock Star ★

What I have taken away from the period when I was leading my own team is that working with people makes me happy. It is precisely because of the energy it gives me, that I later opted to work in HR - to look, not only at that one employee or that one team, but at all the individuals within an organization and all aspects of those individuals, in order to create a renewed focus optimally aligned with the interests of the organization.

I have always challenged myself and have grown a lot in experience and self-knowledge in the process. It is precisely by exploring and pushing my boundaries that I continue to learn - and I try to help others to do the same. Above all, you quickly know what you can expect from me, because I do what I say, and I am clear and loyal to myself and to others.

I stand for profit for all. The road to that reward; both for the organisation and the people, is a compelling challenge for me! With a realistic focus, I help both parties to take the right steps towards converting their wishes into a common goal.

★ Resourceful Rock Star ★

Do you want to know what it takes to grow your business? That I can help you with.
I believe that HR is the roots of the organization. If you plant and feed it properly, it will grow.

I am very curious and want to know something about everything, but in people, I always look for depth. What makes us who we are and why do we do what we do? That’s what I like to find out. With my open and positive attitude I look at what is going on within an organization. I dare to think of creative ways to help the people and the organisation move forward. Through my broad experience in team dynamics, I have learned to look, with an eye for all involved, at how we can take the next step.

My goal is to make connections. Connections with organisations, but also looking at how people connect with the organisation. With my critical eye, I look for the balance between the value for the employees and the value for the organisation.

★ All-round Rock Solid Rock Star ★

As part of the Rots team, I advise various organisations in the field of HR, based on the conviction that when people experience clarity and safety, they can bring the best of themselves to the workplace.

I love to translate diverse issues into concrete, practical solutions. People know me as someone who is down to earth and who listens attentively, analyses and asks questions. By listening calmly, the core of the question becomes clear. From there, we explore possible solutions together and make them concrete. With a clear goal in mind, I then help build the desired result.

My activities include advising clients in the field of absenteeism prevention, working conditions policy and employment conditions; compiling or updating employee handbooks and job profiles and salary processing. In addition, I am responsible for most of the office management at the Rots headquarters.

★ Next-Gen Rockstar ★

During the first year of my Human Resources Management course, I discovered that there is quite a wide range of different HR activities. After a year with my head in the textbooks, I am very much looking forward to gaining practical experience to orientate myself to these activities. In this way, after the internship, I will know which activities appeal to me the most and I can focus on the work that suits me best.

ROTS Is the Perfect Place for that.

The strong, welcoming and human spirit at ROTS really appeals to me. So it was certainly not a difficult choice to contact them for a possible internship. I am confident that I can grow and learn at ROTS. And, vice versa, I hope I can also do my bit!