Who are we?

Rots is a safe pair of hands when it comes to HR matters. We are experts in HR. We believe in people, and that’s why we love our job so much. For us, employees are a company’s biggest asset. They determine a company’s success and drive its results.

Rots was founded in 2004 by Petra van Leeuwen with the aim of stimulating healthy relationships between employees and employers – because, quite simply, healthy relationships generate a healthy yield. Rots helps in every possible way; we think along, provide advice and arrange practical matters for the leadership team and employees. Arranged properly, this enables employees to work for the organization with pleasure and commitment. The result is less absenteeism and, above all, a happier, more productive, and ultimately, more successful organization.

So, what’s the secret to our success?

We are not just your average group of HR professionals. We all have pretty dynamic backgrounds and none of us has followed the standard HR career path. This has given us the ability look at organizations from a broader perspective and include the practical side of doing business in our approach to HR policy development. HR can be of enormous added value if it is optimally organized and not just seen as an extra workload for an organization.

What can you expect from us?

An insightful and tailored approach: We hold up a mirror to your organisation, to the leadership team and the employees, and we open up the discussion – always in a respectful and diplomatic way and in a safe environment of understanding and trust.

Our mission

Rots is committed to inspiring organizations to adopt a no-bullshit HR policy. We bring unspoken issues into the discussion and then come up with a practical, sustainable solution that allows organizations to focus on the business in hand.

Our vision

We strive to be a refreshing HR experience, focused on progress, change and trust. With our passion for the profession, we turn hassle into very concrete solutions. We rock HR!