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HR Service Packages

We offer 3 types of subscription in the fields of HR administration, HR management and HR strategy. One subscription or a combination of several subscriptions can be purchased, depending on the organization’s needs. The price of the subscription depends on the number of employees.

The subscription is for a minimum of 1 year so that we can guarantee that there are always one or two permanent HR professionals associated with the organization.

Benefits of the Rots HR subscription:
  • Audit readiness. Almost every company, small or large, has a certification to be met. With our subscriptions, we guarantee that the organization is always ready for an inspection in the field of HR policy – so no more stress just before the audit. And, we are happy to explain to the inspector how the HR policy is set up.
  • The association has a permanent HR presence within your company, someone who knows what’s going on within the organization, – handy for the leadership team and employees alike.
  • We guarantee a call back within 24 hours during the working week, and there is always a professional ready to replace permanent HR staff in case of illness or during vacation.
  • You will be kept informed of all legislative changes and we will take you through what this means for your organization. We always have a ★Rock star★with the desired specialization who is ready and able to assist and advise.
Subscription A: HR Executive
up to 10 employees from € 2,250 p/m
up to 50 employees from € 3,350 p/m
up to 125 employees from € 4,500 p/m
  • Setting up and maintaining HR administration
  • Setting up and implementing development and performance process
  • Executing the inflow, through-flow and outflow process
  • Compiling and maintaining the Employee Handbook
  • Preparation and maintenance of job descriptions
Subscription B: HR Management
up to 10 employees from € 3,200 p/m
up to 50 employees from € 4,800 p/m
up to 125 employees from € 6,400 p/m
  • Managing the development and performance process
  • Managing the inflow, through-flow and outflow process
  • Managing HR activities related to quality standards such as ISO or other industry-specific certifications
  • Managing the recruitment process
  • Case management with regard to absenteeism
  • Coaching of employees and managers regarding the above themes
Subscription C: HR strategic
up to 10 employees from € 1,100 p/m
up to 50 employees from € 2,100 p/m
up to 125 employees from € 3,100 p/m
  • Setting up and securing the strategic HR plan for 1 to 3 years with KPIs
  • Setting up and overseeing projects on topics such as employee branding, recruitment, health & vitality, work perception, development & performance
  • Supervision of strategic workforce planning
  • Coaching of managers
  • Advisor and member of the leadership team