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HR Growth

Is your organization starting to grow? You may find it difficult to recruit the right employees. We are happy to help you with this and at the same time cover how you can create a good influx of new employees to your organization in the future.

It may also be that there are needs in the field of growth and development of individual employees or of an entire team. Rots has a whole network of different coaches who are ready to guide this process.

Standard tariffs Type of work from
€ per hr
HR Expert Strategic HR policy: HR advice tailored to, and working closely with, (business) leaders and managers to improve staff performance. € 150,00
HR Consultant The Consultant tackles various cases such as: change processes, including culture change; promotion/demotion; function/role evaluation; process development; reintegration after long-term absenteeism; and redundancy/dismissal. € 125,00
HR Professional Areas of responsibility include, for example: recruitment; advice regarding Terms and Conditions of Employment; Occupational Health and Safety Legislation and process monitoring. € 110,00
HR Support Taking responsibility for: the planning of daily HR tasks; support with recruitment & selection; workforce planning; absenteeism; performance management and payroll. € 95,00
HR Salary administration on request request